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These products and books are the ones that I have put together based on the ones that have helped me the most and that work for me. I have put thousands of hours or research into this and when I find a better one or another option, I put those in here too.  Please note, I DO NOT have my own product line so I don’t have the shill my own stuff.  Just what works best. These all can help you along your journey.  Most of these are all links to Amazon, although you may be able to get them locally if you can find them. 

I get a very teeny tiny commission from Amazon (typically a few cents) if you buy them from here, which I use to defer some of the cost of maintaining the site and bringing you the best information I can. Thanks for supporting the site. 

If you find a great product and would like to share it, please use Click Here and let me know about your experience and the product. If I look at it and like it,  you can end up helping others on the journey too! 


Pure C8 MCT Oil - Organic, Non-GMO

You may have heard of MCT Oil right? Well C8 oil is a highly refined version of MCT oil. Think of it as Rocket Fuel vs regular MCT Oil. It is a lot easier for your body to turn C8 into Ketones than just regular MCT Oil. Depending on who you talk to, it only takes about 1/12th amount of C8 oil to give you the same impact as regular MCT Oil.

It is typically way easier on your tummy too and you will have less of a chance leading to disaster pants vs regular MCT oil or powder, or even ketone salts. 🙂 

Now Liquid 2 oz Stevia Organic

This is the liquid form of Stevia for you. See the next description on why you probably want to use it.

This particular liquid Stevia was found to inhibit and control Lyme Disease in a study that you can Read About Here!

Stevia is the only sweetener that I currently use.  Note the powdered form of Stevia did not impact Lyme Disease in the study, but some people prefer the taste. 

Organic Stevia Powder

Stevia is the only sweetener that I used. It was a Godsend because it helped me break my decades long sugar habit. 

It is also one of 2 sweeteners that typically have no or minimal impact on blood sugar and can help you fight the cravings for sugar.

Unlike the other artificial sweeteners out there, it will completely mess up your gut biom so you can’t digest your food properly.

If you  are addicted to sweets, this can help!

Collagen Peptides And Lysine

Because most people in the West no longer eat animals from nose to tail as the saying goes, it is said the most people do not get enough collagen in their diet. Why is this important?

Lack of collagen is what makes your skin saggy, can you say wrinkles, can you say joints that ache?

And in mice studies, Lysine has been linked to longer longevity in mice!

Click Here To Read It!

This is the one that I take.  Many people often recommend this is you have gut issues because it can help with healing it because it has the essential building blocks of repair for most types of tissue in your body.


This can actually help your body produce Oxytocin. Which can help with bone density, collagen production, reduced appetite, increased fat loss, increase libido, and even better orgasm for women.  Check out the video on the blog!

Pure Glycine Powder

This is the one that I used go offset mTOR and make sure I have my methionine/glycine balance.

  • Promotes Restful Sleep*
  • Nervous System Support*
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • GMP Quality Assured: NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation).
  • Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968

Books and Resources

The Wheat Belly Book Start Here First

This was the first book that got me thinking and it helped it explain why I always felt like crap after I ate anything with grains in it. It also was the book that made me give up what a so called ” Healthy Organic Grains” food business that would probably be doing 8 figures by now. 

I just could not sleep at night once I knew how truly harmful grains are for people.  It will make you think twice about eating anything with flour in it and it might just help you get rid of those aches and pains in your joints, and the belly fatI

Eat Rich, Live Long Kindle Book

This is a newer book that discusses the direct link between a Low-Carb diet and heart disease and heart attacks and more! It also explains the big life about Cholesterol.

Written by 2 really nice smart guys that I have come to know, Dr. Jeff Gerber and Ivor Cummins.

This is a must read if you had a heart attack or they run in your family. Plus it has great recipes that are easy to make.

Check the blog for videos from both of these smart gentlemen. 

Nourishing Fats
Great Cookbook!

I love all of her cookbooks by Sally. She is the director of the Weston Price foundation that has been advocating healthy natural eating for decades before it became mainstream.

Dr. Price was one of the first to correlate eating processed foods directly to disease scientifically.

If you love to cook, then you will love this book. 🙂 

Vitamin K2 And The Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life

I was blown away when I read this book because it brought together so much I already new in an easy to understand manner.  If you are a Winston Price fan, you will love this book!

The secret to avoiding calcium-related osteoporosis and atherosclerosis While millions of people take calcium and Vitamin D supplements thinking they’re helping their bones, the truth is, without the addition of Vitamin K2, such a health regimen could prove dangerous. 

Without Vitamin K2, the body cannot direct calcium to the bones where it’s needed; instead, the calcium resides in soft tissue (like the arteries)—leading to a combination of osteoporosis and atherosclerosis, or the dreaded “calcium paradox.” 

This is the first book to reveal how universal a Vitamin K2 deficiency is, and the risk (in the form of cancer and diabetes, among other ailments) the absence of Vitamin K2 poses.Written by Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue, a popular health expert on Canadian television and radio, 

Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox sounds a warning about the popularity of the calcium and Vitamin D craze, while illustrating the enormous health benefits of Vitamin K2 in making the body less susceptible to dental cavities, heart disease, prostate cancer, liver cancer, diabetes, wrinkles, obesity, varicose veins, and other ailments.

Lots more to come!

July 12, 2019

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