Age Reversal And Not Feeling Hungry With Bomb Proof Yogurt

There’s more to oxytocin than age-reversal | The Undoctored Blog — Our Lactobacillus reuteri yogurt, in addition to being rich, thick, and delicious, provides us with a means to readily manage oxytocin status. Recall that most of us who consume 1/2 cup per day experience effects that include smoother skin, increased skin moisture, a marked increase in dermal collagen, accelerated healing, increased muscle mass and strength, …

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As many of you know, for the past months since I started making this and taking this, I have been sharing why and here is even more reason from a very, smart Doctor. Oxytocin rocks!

Here is a video going over the benefits as well.

And here is how you can make it.  If you can afford the Capsules of pure 6475, it is almost bulletproof that way and it is almost 100% guaranteed to taste great the first time. These are the tablets I used. These are the capsules. They work like a champ and only contain L.Reuteri 6475. You only need to use 2 per batch to get started. So at the end of the day, they are cheaper. This is the Anova Sous Vide Cooker I use.


Heat your Dairy to boiling and let cool down below 100. into the 90s is fine. This kills off the wild bacteria in it. I use Organic Half n Half.
I would not use non organic. I make a gallon at a time. It could be have traces of antibiotics and rBST in it.

So add 2 tablespoons of Inulin per quart and stir well.  Then add your mother, your capsules or your crushed tablets.  Mix well and put in glass jars and set at 100 degrees for 36 hours. You can check it in 12 hours and it should be noticeably thicker.

I actually just mix mine in the jars if I am using Mother or capsules.  And I have gotten away with only using 1 capsule per quart.  I may try taking it down to only 1/2 capsule per quart.


Most Yogurt Makers and Insta Pots are far too warm. They are typically at 125 F. It kills off the L.reuteri 6475 because it is meant to live in the human body It really needs to be at 100 degrees or it will not work like other yogurt strains. Because we want this to survive after we eat it.

I make all of my batches at 99 degrees now to get them closer to the human body.

For each new batch, I use a heaping Tablespoon or more into each jar. Like this. These are quart jars.

Bomb Proof Yogurt Starter

The Mother batch I have going now is the pure 6475 from the Capsules.  And I have added a few more capsules to the Mother here, in the beginning,


to bump it up. Subsequently going forward I am going with the straight Mother as I am incubating them at 99 degrees. It is only a little different but I want to use self-selection on each generation to give it the best chance of survival long term after I eat it.

And here is another video that I did on this.


A New Batch Of Bomb Proof Yogurt 12 Hours In

This is what it should look like!

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