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Magnesium and Potassium Deficiency And What I Discovered

Take Magnesium To Relieve These 6 Health Conditions — The fact that magnesium is involved in more than 300 biochemical processes in the body highlights how critical this mineral is for supporting and maintaining health. It also makes it easy to understand that magnesium can have a role in relieving many different types of pain.

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HDL Can Be Changed Without Drugs

I raised my HDL by 350% | Dr. William Davis — Conventional cholesterol panels are generally useless and serve as lousy predictors of risk for heart disease. However, there is a measure–HDL cholesterol–in conventional cholesterol panels that can actually provide insights into your metabolic health. It is also something you have enormous control over with NO

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Maltodextrin Why You Want To Avoid For Keto

This blood sugar-spiking filler is hiding out in beef jerky & meal replacement shakes – Avoid at all costs! — Linked to Crohn’s disease and a host of other ailments, this preservative and filler is a no-no in my book. Read More This is one of the hidden food additives that can really mess

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The War On Meat And Why It Is Fake News

Why the War on Meat??? Find out here from Dr. Gary & Belinda Fettke Podcast #16 | The Fat Emperor — Ever wondered why absurd anti-meat articles keep popping up on the world’s media?  Or why EAT-Lancet has sprung from the ashes of low-fat, to promote the guzzling of grains and vegetable oils in preference

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Eat More Eggs With Keto

Dr. Davis who is one smart cookie discusses why you should be eating more eggs and blows up the myth of cholesterol and eggs. Enjoy! Eat more eggs | Dr. William Davis — Read More Read More  

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Why I Love Black Walnuts And You Should Too!

If you have never had black walnuts, this information might just get you to try them.  I grew up eating them and have always loved them. They have a much stronger taste the English walnuts and they have a much higher protein and fiber content as well. They are great when sprinkled in salads or

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