Magnesium and Potassium Deficiency And What I Discovered

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So on a personal note, I am glad that I discovered that I was woefully low on my potassium.  I thought I was doing fine and ended up with massive cramps when I got up in the morning in my legs.  Like holy Bat Man bad cramps.  So I suspected it was an electrolyte issue right away and I was right.  I went back through everything I was eating and found the culprit quickly.

I had skipped eating my daily half of an avocado for a few days ( they can supply up to 20% of your daily supply of Potassium) and I had also skipped some of my greens.  I eat about one cup of spinach or chard which I saute.

And to top it off, I had not put on my Magnesium Oil either.  Ughhh…

While I never give specific instructions on supplements ever, you really want to talk to your Doctor, upping my potassium in just 2 days has made a world of difference.

You might want to look at the back of your Potassium supplement. The most it is going to say is about 2% of your recommended daily requirement.  Ughhh.   When you are doing keto, you can use a lot more electrolytes than normal which can lead to cramping and other issues.  So along with Magnesium, Potassium is one you want to check your levels on for sure.

Here is another article about foods which contain Potassium and what happens when you do not get enough. There is a number good foods that you can eat on Keto to get your Potassium.

Thanks for all of the suggestions on electrolytes! 🙂

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