6th Gear Intermittent Fasting And Keto

why eating less calories makes you fat

Why Eating Less Calories Makes You Fat

Ever wonder why going on a diet where you eat less calories is so hard and did not work long-term? Here is the science behind why eating fewer calories to lose weight never works. It is not your fault that you did not know this. The truth is Eating Less Calories Makes You Fat! Here

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Yes You Can Drink Coffee, BP Coffee, Tea, And Stevia

Updated: November 8th, 2018 –   YES, You can drink COFFEE while you are fasting (during your fast) and doing keto. Here is why…   Yes, you can drink it during your fasting period and definitely when you are just doing Keto. Here is why I do and you might want to as well.  I

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Pruvit and Exogenous Ketones

Have had a ton of people ask me about Exogenous Ketones. My choice is C8 oil and some Grass Fed butter or Ghee. The butter and the Ghee can have C6 oil in them and help transport the C8 oil to your brain faster as just some of the benefits. I was also one of

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Fasting And Brain Power

Intermittent Fasting And Brain Power

So as many of you know I don’t follow a lot of the so-called gurus anymore because I’ve found so many holes in what they have to say. And I don’t think that they do this on purpose as much it’s just that they have a hard time adjusting to new data as it comes

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Why I Limit My Protein

Dr. Rosedale’s book was one of the first books I read after my first 30 days of self-imposed information black-out when I started 6th Gear IF/Keto Basically too much protein stresses your body and ages your cells and it looks like can lead to cancer.  Eating too much will virtually stop Autophagy.  He is recommending

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Myth Of Counting Calories

Why Not Eating Enough Calories Does Not Work

Why not eating enough calories when you are trying to get into 6th Gear IF/Keto can hose your results. Because if you are doing IF/Keto your body is saying OK, we are going to get fed eventually and get all of the food we need, I will take this time while I am not constantly

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Beginners Guide To Intermittent Fasting And Keto

Beginners Guide Intermittent Fasting, KETO, And 6th Gear

For Those Of You In The Facebook And Linkedin Groups! Please Watch These  Videos! Welcome and this intro also covers the FB group. This site is about my journey into Intermittent Fasting, Keto, and 6th Gear that started after watching the second 14-minute video below. I had found in the past that if you want

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What Is 6th Gear

What Is 6th Gear?

What Is 6th Gear?  I explain in the video below!  Some new information that has come out that depression is directly linked to inflammation.  This also helps explain the mood elevation i.e. 6th Gear when you begin doing 6th Gear IF/KETO. Update:  I have been reading about some work that was done with low-carb diets

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