Andrew`s Adventures In Intermittent Fasting Land #Day 47

Well, when I actually pull off 8 hours of sleep on this, you pretty much turn into a machine as far workflow. The ability to do high-level work, such as marketing plans, strategic planning, or high-end process has to be close to triple what it was before I started this adventure.

I used to have maybe 2 to 3 hours of super in the groove mental capacity and now it is closer to 8 hours. I still have sometimes where I need to rest and need to do the mundane things but they are a lot less.

So, 6th gear is not 100%, but it does push north of 80%. What I really think is the best part is that it unlocks your creative problem-solving side. I can honestly say that my thought process are now as good as they have ever been. The cobwebs are gone in my head. It is kind of like how clear the air feels after a big storm.


Which all makes sense, because your brain actually is able to get the nutrients it needs, your good hormone levels are optimized and your digesting system gets an 18 hour break. so that energy is available to be used elsewhere and your brain gets that benefit. That plus I am no longer supporting about 15 pounds of fat and having it make the demands it does on your body which are not good. The blood flow and nutrient suck that they require are gone.


Yes, I do have more muscle for sure, but the two have totally different impacts on your overall health.


The other big benefit is that your body is able to produce more good mood enhancing hormones. So the blah times are greatly reduced and the up times are greatly increased. Just a 10 percent reduction in the bad hormones and the subsequent increase in the good hormones such as Dopamine, Serotonin, Testosterone, make a huge difference in your daily life.


Anyway, just thought of something else for my marketing and going to go jot it down. Have an awesome weekend and a Happy Easter! Make your life as awesome as you can.



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