Gut Biome Health Linked To Heart Disease

Novel research links an aging gut microbiome with heart disease — A new study suggests an aging gut microbiome may be somewhat responsible for the degradation in cardiovascular health that tends to appear as we grow older. The study is yet another addition to the growing body of evidence affirming the role gut bacteria plays

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The Health Of Your Gut Biome Linked To Living Longer

“Feces of youth” extends fish lifespan by 37 percent — The mysterious world of gut bacteria is a hot area of research in science right now. The systemic implications of gut flora are being found to have vast holistic effects, and now living longer could be joining that list. Read More 1We know that

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Keto Success In The Military

New military study: Remarkable results among soldiers on a ketogenic diet — Diet Doctor — A new study has found that US soldiers on a ketogenic diet for 12 weeks lost much more weight, significantly improved their body composition and insulin sensitivity, but suffered no loss in physical performance compared to matched controls. Read

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Food Additives Can Make You Fat And Lethargic Says Latest Research

North Texas Researchers: Food Preservatives Could Make You Lazy — The research focuses on inorganic phosphates, which are added to foods like cereals, packaged snacks and sodas. Read More Inorganic phosphates seem to be the culprit here. A rule of thumb is to not eat anything that comes out of a box or has them

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Acid Reflux Cure

Acid Reflux 100% Stopped With Keto Diet In New Study

Dietary Carbohydrate Intake, Insulin Resistance, and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): A Pilot Study in European- and African-American Obese Women
Although obesity rates are higher in African-American than European-American women, GERD and its comorbidities are more prevalent in European-American women. A common denominator for increased adiposity, and consequent insulin resistance, is excess dietary …

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Keto Fat And Cholesterol

Keto, Fat, And Cholesterol

Fat And Cholesterol. How to beat Heart Attacks and Diabetes by Eating More Fat Low Carbs.  In this interview with The Fat Emporer, Ivor Cummins, we discuss the science behind why Keto is so much better for you than the normal high -carb diet. Plus, did you know that according to a new study that

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The IF/KETO/6tgh Gear Newsletter

Hi there! So slowly but sure I am getting all of the information together on this website so that it can be easier for you to find it!   I have a Ton of it and it can save you from going down blind allies. It can help you get the results you want FAST!

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