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Too Much Protein

Put down the protein shake: Variety of protein better for health — Amino acids have long been touted by the fitness and bodybuilding communities for their muscle building benefits. From ultra-bulk protein powders to lean mass-promoting snack bars, there’s no shortage of products available for those seeking a muscle boost. Read More There is

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Eat More Eggs With Keto

Dr. Davis who is one smart cookie discusses why you should be eating more eggs and blows up the myth of cholesterol and eggs. Enjoy! Eat more eggs | Dr. William Davis — Read More Read More  

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why eating less calories makes you fat

Why Eating Less Calories Makes You Fat

Ever wonder why going on a diet where you eat less calories is so hard and did not work long-term? Here is the science behind why eating fewer calories to lose weight never works. It is not your fault that you did not know this. The truth is Eating Less Calories Makes You Fat! Here

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More Sleep Equals Less Fat

More Sleep Equals More Skinny

Getting 7 to 8 hours of good sleep consistently has been one of my mantras from day one.  There have been dozens and dozens of studies on how lack of sleep can negatively impact a wide range of your health issues. Not only just for losing weight but for having a better life in General right? 

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