migraines and Keto

Ketones And Migraines – The New Science

Ketones and Migraines — Migraine is not simply a “bad headache”, it is a, in fact, a neurological disorder and can be extremely debilitating, ultimately affecting the quality of life. There is an increasing amount of evidence suggesting migraine is a response to brain energy deficiency or oxidative stress levels that exceed… Read More The

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Magnesium and Potassium Deficiency And What I Discovered

Take Magnesium To Relieve These 6 Health Conditions — The fact that magnesium is involved in more than 300 biochemical processes in the body highlights how critical this mineral is for supporting and maintaining health. It also makes it easy to understand that magnesium can have a role in relieving many different types of pain.

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Better Sports Performance On Keto

Better Athletic Performance With Keto

Dr. Volek is one sharp cookie when it comes to Keto and sports. The funny thing is more and more Pro Athletes are going Low-Carb but keeping quite about it and rightly so. Why would you want to give away your edge to making millions versus sitting on the bench.  Some great new studies out

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It Is Possible To Reverse Heart Disease And Calcification

Want to Reverse Your Calcification and Heart Disease? Here’s How! | The Fat Emperor — Want to Reverse Your Calcification and Heart Disease? Biochemist Patrick Theut put in 16,000 hours over many years – and he did it. Find out how in the Fat Emperor Podcast, Episode 21 – releasing Sunday 12th May. Preview here:

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Too Much Protein

Put down the protein shake: Variety of protein better for health — Amino acids have long been touted by the fitness and bodybuilding communities for their muscle building benefits. From ultra-bulk protein powders to lean mass-promoting snack bars, there’s no shortage of products available for those seeking a muscle boost. Read More There is

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Ketone Supplements

Taking Ketones Supplement, The Real Story

There is a lot of misinformation about Exogeneous Ketones (Ketone Supplements.  Here is the real low down on them along with the Science. Great video, just stick with it and she has some great info in here. The takeaways are… They can help with Athletic performance.  They can help with brain function and memory.  They

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Eat More Eggs With Keto

Dr. Davis who is one smart cookie discusses why you should be eating more eggs and blows up the myth of cholesterol and eggs. Enjoy! Eat more eggs | Dr. William Davis — Read More Read More  

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Why I Love Black Walnuts And You Should Too!

If you have never had black walnuts, this information might just get you to try them.  I grew up eating them and have always loved them. They have a much stronger taste the English walnuts and they have a much higher protein and fiber content as well. They are great when sprinkled in salads or

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How Your Were Lied To For 50 Years About Sugar And Fat

50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat — Documents show that in the ’60s, the sugar industry funded Harvard researchers who, examining risk factors of heart disease, dismissed concerns about sugar and doubled down on the dangers of fat. Read More If you have not heard this before,

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Sugar And Cancer

The Cancer Research Dream Team Leader gives us 2 minutes on SUGAR | The Fat Emperor — Wondering about sugar…and its links to cancer risk? Well, there was a Cancer Research “Dream Team” set up many years ago – to really get to the bottom of the disease. And here is the leader, Dr. Lewis

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You Need 0 Carbs To Be Health

That is right folks! You do not any carbs, as in ZERO, NADA, NONE, no carbohydrates to thrive. You have been fed a line of BS about healthy whole grains and eating your fruits and vegetables! Why Humans Don’t Need Dietary Carbohydrates to Thrive — Learn why the brain and body can function well on

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Gut Biome Health Linked To Heart Disease

Novel research links an aging gut microbiome with heart disease — A new study suggests an aging gut microbiome may be somewhat responsible for the degradation in cardiovascular health that tends to appear as we grow older. The study is yet another addition to the growing body of evidence affirming the role gut bacteria plays

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Keto Success In The Military

New military study: Remarkable results among soldiers on a ketogenic diet — Diet Doctor — A new study has found that US soldiers on a ketogenic diet for 12 weeks lost much more weight, significantly improved their body composition and insulin sensitivity, but suffered no loss in physical performance compared to matched controls. Read

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why eating less calories makes you fat

Why Eating Less Calories Makes You Fat

Ever wonder why going on a diet where you eat less calories is so hard and did not work long-term? Here is the science behind why eating fewer calories to lose weight never works. It is not your fault that you did not know this. The truth is Eating Less Calories Makes You Fat! Here

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Food Additives Can Make You Fat And Lethargic Says Latest Research

North Texas Researchers: Food Preservatives Could Make You Lazy — The research focuses on inorganic phosphates, which are added to foods like cereals, packaged snacks and sodas. Read More Inorganic phosphates seem to be the culprit here. A rule of thumb is to not eat anything that comes out of a box or has them

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Yes You Can Drink Coffee, BP Coffee, Tea, And Stevia

Updated: November 8th, 2018 –   YES, You can drink COFFEE while you are fasting (during your fast) and doing keto. Here is why…   Yes, you can drink it during your fasting period and definitely when you are just doing Keto. Here is why I do and you might want to as well.  I

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