Keto In The 1950s

Eat Fat And Grow Slim From 1958 – Keto Is Not New

Eat Fat And Grow Slim by Dr. Richard Mackarness (1958) — How most people get fat and how they can easily become slim again without starving or enduring unpleasant diets, by Richard Mackarness, M.B.,B.S. (1958)

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Here is the online version of the great book on Keto by Dr. Mackarness from 1958.  Over a million copies of this have been sold!

I actually have the paperback version of this which you can still buy. Guess what?  This is still a great Keto book and there is nothing in there that is fundamentally any different than in any of the new Keto books.  If you follow this you will still feel better, still lose weight.  You can read everything right here. You do not need to spend a dime.

Here is a video on this that I pulled together with subtitles and this was in 1958-1959 time period.   Millions and millions of people were doing Keto back then and it was normal.

Just remember, the average woman in America now weighs in at more than the average man did back then.  So something is very, very wrong with the way that most Americans are eating these days.

In the book link, there is even Steven Buntings Diet from 1864!

William Banting’s Diet (1864)
(Losing 46lb )


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