Pruvit and Exogenous Ketones

Have had a ton of people ask me about Exogenous Ketones. My choice is C8 oil and some Grass Fed butter or Ghee. The butter and the Ghee can have C6 oil in them and help transport the C8 oil to your brain faster as just some of the benefits.

I was also one of the first waves of people to test out Ketone Salts for Pruvit and I actually had some pretty good results with them, it is just that they cost an arm and a leg compared to the price for a teaspoon of C8 Oil.

While there are a ton of reasons to do BP with C8 oil and butter or just the C8 Oil and the butter by themselves, not limited to helping stop cravings, increase brain and mitochondrial energy and protection and well as evidence that they help burn more fat and actually may help speed up autophagy.

If you are tired or need to do some high-level thinking or performance, then Exognesous Ketones can help.

As you know you have not seen me Push any products or allow anyone else to either.

That being said, if you have the wallet for it, and say you are in a hurry or if you are just looking for increased function than Pruvit can and does work. You will get a Keto Rush and at least in my opinion, they are much, much healthier for me than say an Energy Drink for sure.

This can be especially helpful for those of you that travel on a plane for work a lot. They seem to help get over jet lag and for me, they can be a short-term meal replacement.

Most people do not need this at all. I did not touch this for the first 6 months that I started 6th Gear IF/Keto.

If you are going to snag one though, they do seem to have the best quality and the most patents and they have some pretty big heavy science behind them if you are going this right.

That being said, you DO NOT NEED THESE TO get results with either IF or Keto. How is that for the anti-push? 

That being said, they can and do help some people get their Keto Groove on.

You are an Adult, you can make up your own mind.

Click Here to check it out or click on the pic below. Now the kind of cool thing is that you can sign up as an affiliate and if you get a couple of people to join you, you can get your stuff for free. That is exactly what I did several years ago and you can get your own link like this one as well.  Not really my thing per say but it might be yours.


Let me know if you do get some and try it.  Let me know if it works for you.


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