Mushroom Growing At Home Keto Style

Keto Mushroom Growing At Home

So Andrew Anderson here. And I just wanted to go into a little bit about the mushroom growing that I was talking about. So I’m over at Everything Mushrooms, this is in Knoxville, Tennessee, and killing a couple of birds with two stones, two stones here. I’m going to recommend that you do some Pearl Mushroom kits from here to start, although I’m going to give you a couple of other sources. I don’t have any vested interest in these guys, I don’t make any money off of it. And but if you do order, make sure that you put it in the keto group because what it does give me It gives me some leverage. If there’s any issues with these things I can actually go talk to them and say, Hey, you know, there’s some problems with them. Not that I expect them. It’s pretty straightforward and simple, but at least we’ll have it here and they’ve got a nice storefront.

And so I’m going to suggest that you get your kits here, they’re about 20 bucks for them. And I’ll show you how to get mushrooms coming out your ears for a long, long time just from that one little small investment and will more than pay for itself in poundage of mushrooms within a short period of time. Okay, Andrew Anderson signing off, we’ll talk later. Go 6th Gear, you can do this.

Here are two places that I suggest you get Kits from.

Fungi Perfect

Everything Mushrooms < the place in the video

And you might be able to find a kit in Loews or Home Depot as well. Although they may not be as reliable.

And while there are other types of mushrooms you can order from both of these places, Oysters are what I suggest you start with because they are pretty much bulletproof and it will be easier to grow the other ones.

I will start posting the other videos on how to actually get them rolling in the next few days.  Bookmark this post!  And please let me know below if you actually order your kits.   If everything goes right, we could end up with 10 to 20+ pounds of mushrooms or more by the time we get done with everything.

We will be making use of them after we get done with the kits!  You should literally have mushrooms coming out of your ears!



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