Day 10 and 11 In 6th Gear IF/Keto

Day 10 and 11 Intermittent fasting update. On the road in Amish country and the really nice thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about breakfast or lunch. Had not realized how much time we spend dorking around with meals.

I am a foody and love to cook, but the trade-off of the extra time, 6th gear and just the overall better feeling of what constitutes normal is worth the trade off. And I plan on doing a Pig-out day once a month for a body reset and I figure 12 days a year instead of 365.25 days a year has got be a lot better. Plus, for the average person you can eat a far higher quality of food and save money if that is your thing. The fasting has become routine and the mental habit of eating 3 times a day is more ingrained that any actual hunger needs.

Still early in the process yet, but motoring right along. The extra layer of fat continues to melt pretty much effortlessly. The information on this has been out there for at least a couple of hundred years in various forms, but then again, you don’t sell as much food and junk food by having this information about there out there, you don’t sell as much advertising on food shows if this is out there, you don’t sell as much pharmaceuticals, diet plans etc. There are no more farm subsidies and a whole host of things if this goes mainstream. I would guess that pushing 3 squares a day supports a trillion dollars a year in business. When in doubt, always follow the money. Have an AWESOME day. I am going to go get my Amish on!

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