Day 19 In Andrew’s Adventures In Intermittent Fasting

Can’t believe it was this long ago.  I had not figured out my scales were off by 5+ pounds yet. 🙂  The loss was right, just not the current weight.  🙂
February 26, 2016 at 9:32am 

Day 19 Of Adventures In Intermittent Fasting With Andrew: Can’t believe that it has been 19 days already. Time flies when you are having fun. Holding steady right at 208. So 11 lbs. in 19 days is pretty good. I actually think I have lost more fat than that because I am starting to bulk up muscle wise and was I was down to 206.4 and none of the gain was fat for sure.

Was doing pull-ups the other day noticed a huge difference. Energy levels are just up there. Wish I could explain how I feel better. But it just feels like I got rid of a bunch of gunk in my system both physically and mentally. Skin looks better and noticed my hair seems to be growing faster which are good indicators. Morning fog lasts all of 2 minutes these days if it is there at all. Just feels good to be firing on all 12 cylinders and it feels like I am carrying around a longer crowbar for all of my tasks.


Interesting experiment to say the least and it is nice to not have the beer belly paunch that I really have started to notice that the majority of men of any age have these days. I think it is a version of the New Car phenomena. You know the one where you get a new car and you notice every other one out there all of a sudden. It is a bit disturbing because I have this scenario in my head that goes like this. A small bell goes Ding Ding, Ding, and then I hear the words “beer belly’ in the voice of Baldric from Black Adder with a British accent and all when I am out in public. But that happens with everybody right?  I am sure it will go away soon.

Currently not doing full on Ketosis, but plan to as soon as I get my meter because I want to dial that in and go for a full month as a tweak to this. It is amazing how much control we have over our mind and body when we choose to exercise that control and make even a simple decision like this; eat once a day. This is some fun experimentation for sure! Do things that most people won’t so you can live a life that most people can’t, right?

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