Day 26 and 27 Adventures In 6th Gear

Andrew’s Adventures In Intermittent Fasting Day #26 and #Day 27:
Well yesterday was day #26 and I motored right along. Today is day #27 and still going to tweak my macros. Going to do more juicing with low glycemic veggies, which equals no carrots. Fruit juicing can really spike your blood sugar, so staying away from those as well. Just don’t like how I feel when I do them.
Finally back to the new normal again after last weekend’s experiments in alcohol. That experiment is not worth repeating again for sure. Trying to figure out how to explain it with a pre-fasting description. Actually once you get in the zone, things are different, but let me give it a shot.
So you know that nice little buzz feeling you have after say 2 drinks? You know the edges are gone, but you are not drunk and you have a nice pleasant little buzz going?
Well that is how I feel pretty much all of the time now, except my senses are not dulled, they are heightened. When I did the drinking experiment, that little buzz I got was like 4 steps down from the way I normally feel now. It so sucked!
Once you try doing this, the regular buzz you feel is way better than any alcohol buzz by far. The human body and brain is a wonderful thing when it can actually get a chance to do its thing unimpeded that is for sure.
Want to know the downside so far in a good way? My pants are falling off without a belt! 32’s here I come! And low and behold, I actually can see abdominal muscles… who knew? Yes, Kansas, they really do exist and they have come out of hiding!
The picture is of a Pink Jasmine plant of mine which is not really pink, but does smell heavenly. It is super easy to grow inside all year long. You will never need air fresheners again and nothing smells quite like it.

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