Day #29 In 6th Gear – Fat Is Where It Is At!

Andrew’s Adventures In Intermittent Fasting Day #29
Guess what? This gets easier and easier. Had a great workout before I ate. No, I was not weak and yes, I have tons of stamina even though I last ate yesterday. The load of BS they feed us about Breakfast being the most important meal of the day is just bunk. I have more energy and mental alertness during my waking hours now than I have had under any or eating regime I have tried, and I have experimented a lot over the years. From Atkins, to Paleo, to the 4 Hour Body and a bunch more.
In my humble opinion, the vast majority of what you read about eating and dieting is just plain wrong and even harmful to your overall well being. From not eating fats to eating good Whole Grains. It is just garbage for the most part. Here is a hint, there are no healthy Grains under the normal heading as we know them. But you do not have to remain ignorant with the Internet. Might take you awhile to figure things out, but there are tons of clues out there.
Have you ever tried duck fat? If not, you are in for a treat. Now as to their claim it is better than butter? If you like the taste it is, but I prefer to use both.
The thing with Fat is that is why our gut is super long. We were designed so that we could digest fat and meat because they are very dense nutrient wise compared to plants. Herbivores have to eat huge amounts of vegetation just to stay alive. This development is what allowed our brains to get bigger and give us a tad more leisure time to use. Although it can be successfully argued that a large number of people squander this adaptation daily.
Have some really cool things to show you shortly. So stay tuned! Cheers, Andrew

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