Day #41 In Andrew’s Adventures In 6th Gear

Day #41 In Andrew’s Adventures In 6th Gear

The Beginning Of Day # 41 In Andrew’s Adventures In Intermittent Fasting. One of the big benefits I’ve noticed is that I’m able to get by on less sleep then I used to, or at least when I don’t get enough sleep it doesn’t affect me or impact me as negatively as before. Today I’m running on about 5 hours sleep as I woke up at 5:30 with my brain coming up with full-fledged plans for a new marketing plan for 2 of our clients.
As I’m sitting in the hotel lobby I’m seeing all these people trundle off to go grab breakfast which is fine and dandy but they’re going to waste at least 30 minutes ore more on this meal and probably a good 30 minutes to an hour for lunch and then another 30 minutes to an hour on dinner and it just struck me as to how much extra time intermittent fasting has given me more than likely it’s probably at least an hour and a half every single day or roughly 10 hours a week if not more.
That whole thought process got me to thinking about what else in our life that have accepted for literally decades that was simply not true and that being that you had to eat three meals a day and that breakfast was the most important part of the day or an important part of your good healthy eating as it were, and I would have to say that based on 41 days into this experiment that whole line of thinking is absolutely positively rubbish.
The same is true for most Marketing and Business information as well. For instance, I learn and anti-intuitive technique that could easily double our optin rates on our emails. Do the math on that one for your business.
The quality and Clarity of my whole thought process during this time has never ever been sharper than I can remember. And this was evident during this whole trip that I’ve been on these past several days that allowed me to come in contact with a group of wonderful, highly motivated, successful entrepreneurs.
While here I’ve learned several absolutely cutting-edge technology and marketing techniques that are going to make our customers an absolute crap ton full of money as I don’t know how else to put it. I mean we’re talking seven figures here for a number of them I would think by the end of the year, there was something else that came to the surface.
The other things are it also made me realize that the things that we’re doing with our crew are not being done by anyone else. I mean even the best marketers that I know of which is absolutely fantastic, but you’re never quite sure until you can get a chance to see how they’re operating and what they’re doing now they’re making literally millions of dollars every month and I have to tell you, that is a fantastic feeling.
Yes it’s great because we’re going to be able to make quite a bit of money off of what we have developed, but more importantly we’re going to be able to give our clients a Competitive Edge that no one else will have, primarily their competition which makes me feel even better Because at the end of the day it’s all about doing your very best to service your clients and make them successful and when that is your main motivation in every single case where that is put first your success will follow.
Because I truly do believe that what goes around comes around or you can call it karma or do unto to others, or however you want to put it. The fact of the matter is that it’s true.
PS I’ve been forced to do these updates from my cell phone as my laptop took a dump after going through the scanner at the airport and I I have heard that at least four other people here experience the same thing just FYI. I also learned that I’m going to put my iPad away and only play games on it as it is probably the least productive device that I have. My Galaxy pad blows it away as far as productivity. Unfortunately, I did not bring it, I brought the iPad, which will never happen again. So please excuse any typos or grammatical errors beyond the normal amount that you experience in all of my posts. LOL
Have an awesome and profitable day and perhaps think about what you can do to figure out things that you have been doing that are just plain wrong.

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