Day # 49 Of My Adventures In Intermittent Fasting

Day # 49 Of My Adventures In Intermittent Fasting.

Back down to 206 in a more controlled way. So, lost or actually got rid of 13.5 pounds. Fat is melting away now and muscle tone is going up. Going 18 to 20 hours without eating is pretty much a breeze now and this is settling into what is now normal for me. Was talking to some friends today about it and there is no way I would trade how I feel now about going back to my “normal” way of eating. Just so not worth it.

Why would you trade a car that cruises at 120 mph easily and comfortably on top of running for 1,000 miles on a tank of gas for a beater that could barely reach 60 mph and got about 100 miles before you had to fill up and felt like you were riding in a brick? Just was being nice and ate a little bit of corn and chocolate and I immediately could feel the drag on my body and mind. Within 15 minutes I felt like I was walking in mud.

No thank you! I like this new me way too much to go back to abusing myself like that again and being a Zombie. The worst part about it is I did not realize I was a Zombie until I wasn’t one anymore.

Peace out!

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