Day 7 Of Intermittent Fasting

From my Journey.  Feb 14, 2016

Intermittent Fasting Day 7. Stabilized at 207 lb down from 217 lb just last Sunday (was actually at 223 lb because I found out my scale was way off later) . As Chris Winters said, you will get used to the new normal and I am beginning too for sure. Mentally and physically feel a whole lot better. My “normal” performance level is definitely up a few notches. The whole 6th gear thing is not to be underrated. My game testing for mental and physical reactions are still way up there. Consistently ranking higher than thousands of kiddos 40 years younger LOL every day. Tracking profits will be another indicator. The normal everyday normal cobwebs seem to have nearly disappeared. Never too late to change where or how fast your are going! Hope you have an epic Sunday!

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