Day 9 Of Intermittent Fasting

Looking back 🙂

Day 9 Intermittent Fasting: Pig out day! I:) 6th gear is feeling normal and have no plans to give this up anytime soon. Decided to stick with the ketosis after all and went with just more calories and wanted to explore some of the edges of this thing. Scarfed 2 lobster tails with organic butter and garlic and two rib-eyes for my meal and ate a ton of broccoli. Yes, a ton of protein but had a craving for it.

I also have about 10 olives with each meal and beets and cabbage homemade kraut. And I even had a couple of cups of organic non-homogenized milk too. This is not the stuff that most of you can buy in stores unfortunately. Yes, I over did it with the protein a tad, but just wanted to see what would happen. Weight stayed right on, perhaps down a tad. The beets help your body produce nitric oxide which helps in a whole lot of ways.

You notice in your cognitive functions. I also consume Bomb proof coffee as well as organic coconut oil. Because of all of the fats, I make sure and load up on antioxidants. Probably 20x the recommended dosages as the studies that I believe are accurate say what is recommend is not nearly enough. But I am not a doctor nor am I handing out medical advice here. Just sharing what I am doing. I have to get a new digital scale as my other one is the old dial type here. I can actually see my abs again. Yippee!


The beets really can be a good addition to your diet. Here is a link the science and a link to a commercial page that relates to beets below. Not suggesting you buy this, just make your own organic beet Kraut.

Notes:  So in looking back at this, yes probably ate way too much protein, however, there was a psychological and physiological reason for doing this at the time.  If I hadn’t, I very well might not be here 2 years later, still in 6th Gear doing IF/KETO  while commenting on this.  🙂  My concern at the time was I lost 10 pounds the first 7 days.  Notice that even 9 days in I was hooked.

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