Franken Meat

Fake Franken GMO’ed Meat At A Store And Restaurant Near You

Impossible Foods’s “Bleeding” Veggie Burger Gets FDA Approval — Impossible Foods, with its Impossible Burger, is at the forefront of modern plant-based meat replacements. We’ve come a long way—or at least, a little bit of a way—from the Boca burgers of the recent past. New plant-based meat replacements are more elaborate than ever before: some have dozens of ingredients, and some rely on new techniques to make veggie burgers taste more like meat. Impossible Foods uses a new ingredient it calls “soy leghemoglobin,” which provides an iron-y, bloody sort of flavor, texture, and appearance to its Impossible Burgers. The approval process for Impossible Burgers centers on soy leghemoglobin, and

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Hmmmmm I do not think so Homey! 🙂   Did you catch the fact that no long-term or short term studies have been done to see if this is actually safe for humans?

Would you eat this?


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