FoodNews Conference 2018 - fixing the Heart Disease Elephant

FoodNews Conference 2018 – fixing the Heart Disease Elephant!

Excellent conference in Prague last Saturday – crammed with doctors, specialists, policy people, dietitians and interested public. Big thanks to Dr. Jan Vyjidak, Dr. Margit Slimáková and the team for inviting me to such a great event ! Ivor Cummins 11 hrs ·

Share this one to help friends and relations avoid or resolve chronic disease – this talk not complex and should be approachable for non-technical citizens. Here I cover a teeny slice of the knowledge contained in our new book “Eat Rich, Live Long”. I emphasize the power of the quick-and-easy Calcium Scan, which blows away the risk factors in telling you your real level of health. I then move of to elaborate on to the enormous Elephant in the Room  🙂

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