If You Know What Day It Is, You Are Not Busy Enough. Day #46 Update.

If You Know What Day It Is, You Are Not Busy Enough. Day #46 Update.
To coin a phrase I saw Chris Winters use, if you know what day it is, you are not busy enough. Well that does indeed seem to be the case. Day #46 Of My Adventures In Intermittent Fasting:
I went back to the calendar and counted them up. I am at day number 46!
If I had not made the commitment to myself to keep track of these for a year, I would stop, because it sounds like a broken record as to what my days are like now. LOL But, that which is measured improves.
So here we go.
Energy levels are great, my stomach is almost flat, and I stay in 6th gear 90% of the time now and yes, I am getting my guns back. As to other things…
Well not sure it can be totally attributed to Intermittent Fasting… Strike that, I am damn sure all of what has happened can be attributed to it now that I think about it. Here is something even more concrete for you.
Since I started this new living regime and if the trajectory continues, we are projected to have at least a 100% increase in sales and this has all happened in just 46 days. Again, 46 Days and a 100% increase in sales. When Chris said it upped his game, man was that ever the flipping understatement of the century.
Because without doing this I know I would not have the clarity of thought to have made the decisions I have.
Because without doing this I would not have had the energy to put in 14 hours a day of high-quality work. Because of this, I would not have been working on the other key areas of my life so that I got out there and made of point of getting out of my comfort zone in few places that resulted in a flood of more business.
Amazing how one decision can impact your life and the lives of those you care for so much. Just feeling grateful today.
Going to end this update with my favorite quote…because if you are not as successful as you want to be, it is simply because you have not examined the premises of your reality closely enough to get rid of the wrong ones that stand in the way of that success. Because I guarantee you that one or more of your premises that you hold dear is just plain wrong. Once you do and get rid of those contradictions, the world becomes your Oyster so fast it will make your head spin. The metamorphosis into the person you can be or should be is like that of the caterpillar into a moth or butterfly. And that is about as woo woo feel good as we are going to get here folks! Have an awesome day and think about this quote as you go about your day.

Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.” – Ayn Rand

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