Intermittent Fasting Day 8

Day 8 Intermittent Fasting Update: Had my first craving yesterday late. Was still inside my 6 hour eating window. My body was definitely trying to tell me something on this one and I think it is saying eat some red meat. I am type 0 negative and if you have ever read Eat For Your Blood Type which I highly suggest, I fall along with that description for sure. We type 0’s can process proteins efficiently. No steaks on hand. so a huge glass of un-homogenized, low-heat pasteurized organic milk with the cream on top did the trick. That was really the only noticeable craving I have had so far. Muscle definition is far more noticeable as the fat burns away. Popped in at 206 LB this morning so going to up the calories again today. Brain and body still are in 6th gear and getting used to this as normal. On day 31 I am going with a pig out day just as a base line. I have a feeling it will make me feel like crap, but it will be some negative reinforcement to keep at this.

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