Keto For Your Cat If You Love Them – If Not, Feed Them Regular Cat Food

Fat Cats, Literally: New Study Finds Felines Are Getting Chubbier – Study Finds — The term “fat cat” is thrown around quite frequently, but usually not to describe actual cats. Well, a new study out of the University of Guelph finds that cats are indeed getting fatter.

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What they fail to mention is why the Cats are getting Fat.  It is because of all of the Carb Fillers in Cat food. The Pet Food Industry lobbied hard not to have to include Carbohyrdate amounts in Pet Food.

The sad truth is that most Vets will tell you this in private.  But they do not want to lose their license and won’t come out in public.

The big problem is that Cats are Obligate Carnivores. They HAVE to eat protein.  They need ZERO carbs to stay healthy and in fact, when you feed them carbs it hurts them. So no grains, peas, carrots, squash or any of the other idiotic fillers they put in ” Healthy Cat Food” is actually healthy for them.  Have you ever heard of lions raiding vegetable gardens?  Of course not.

The same goes for Wolves.  Your dog will be much healthier on a Keto diet as well.

Cats do great on an all raw meat diet.  Cooking it actually reduces their ability to get nutrients from their food.  There was a huge study done on this that is largely ignored on just how devastating cooked cat food is for cats.

Here is a link that you can read about yourself.  He did a study on thousands of cats and there has been an all-out effort to discredit his findings. I mean if people really paid attention most pet food companies would be out of business, so of course that say none of it is true.   But like Keto in Humans, the word is slowly getting out there.

You are smart and open-minded, you make up your own mind.

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