Ketones And Neurological Protection

This is a great article that Dr. Dominic D’Agostino pointed out to me on what is best exogenous ketone supplements when I asked him that question.

Here is his response.

“This depends on what application you are using it for. Also, there’s very little research on human subjects that has been published. Our primary focus is neuroprotection and we do some comparisons here and have human experiments in progress. “

After reading this, my observations is that it appears that even good old MCT oil can help.  And you could also conclude that so does C8. salts and esters.

What do you think?

Delaying latency to hyperbaric oxygen‐induced CNS oxygen toxicity seizures by combinations of exogenous ketone supplements — Central nervous system oxygen toxicity (‐) manifests as tonic‐clonic seizures and is a limitation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (), as well as of recreational and technical diving associated with elevated partial pressure of oxygen. A previous …

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