Low Carb Denver 2020 Interviews – Dr. Brian Lenzkes and Dr. Rohn Rigby

Low Carb Denver 2020 Interviews – Dr. Brian Lenzkes and Dr. Rohn Rigby

Dr. Brian Lenzkes is an internal medicine doctor in San Diego. Dr. Lenzkes received a BS in Biology from UC Irvine, and an MD from USC Medical School. The inability of standard medical advice to help his patients with obesity and chronic disease, combined with his own weight gain, led him to the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. Along with treating patients, Brian lectures widely and hosts ‘Low Carb MD Podcast’ to spread the word about the growing body of research that supports the therapeutic success of this nutrition and lifestyle approach.

Dr. Rohn Rigby received his masters from Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica then served an internship at the University of Missouri. He went onto complete another internship and residency in Reno at the University of Nevada. Dr. Rigby is certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine in medical weight loss. He specialises in helping overweight and obese patients reduce their BMI and live healthier lifestyles. Dr. Rigby believes that there are many factors that attribute to successful weight loss and creates tailored plans according to each patient’s unique needs.

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