Say No To Wheat And Grains, Including Wheat Grass

There are quite a few of the Info Docs and experts that are not quite clued in on why you really do not want to eat grains of any type.

They cause inflammation in your gut and though out your body as well as leach minerals from and harm your gut biome.

Humans are physically incapable of digesting them is the big reason and really mess up your digestive system. Even wheatgrass.

Perfect example why I do not blindly follow any of the info Docs out there. From suggesting to eat Wheat Grass to not using Stevia and drinking coffee. Back to Wheat and Grains.

There is enough evidence out there beginning with Weston Price in the 1920’s, to Dr. Lutz and Dr. Mackarness in the 1950’s, and more recently to Dr. Gundry and Dr. Davis, and Dr. Perlmutter that show that most grains are bad for humans long-term period. No wiggle room.

They all contain Lectins which is a very powerful set of chemicals.  Gluten, for instance, is a Lectin.

Not only are humans physically unable to fully digest wheat and nearly all grains in any form, including and especially sprouts, but they have a very high incidence of lectins that cause inflammation and damage to the lining of our gut every single time they are ingested.

Up until about 5,000 years ago, humans were on average 6 feet tall for males.  Once widespread grain consumption took place, we shrunk 6 inches down to 5’6″.  Yes, it really is that bad for you!

This includes all of the Poaceae family of plants.
Wheat/ Wheatgrass and any sprouted grains turned in juice
Sugar Cane

Click Here to read a good article on this.

If you are going to eat any, white rice, not whole or wild will have the least impact on you. Although it will spike your blood sugar like nobody’s business.

There are studies that indicate that Wheat can permanently damage human RNA as well. This information is widely available yet, a lot of people still push whole grains. Think for yourself and make up your own mind. Do not take anyone Info Doc or other Keto/IF “Expert” at face value. 🙂 Use your own noodle.

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