Studies Indicate How Keto Could Possibly Cut Breast Cancer Risk In Half!

Breast Cancer Risk – The More Important Steps to Reduce it? | The Fat Emperor — Cancer is a huge disease threat in the modern era, and causes untold suffering. Breast cancer is a particularly bad affliction affecting so many women. In today’s Podcast Short, I pull up a few scientific studies relating to the matter. Just as with Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and many o …

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When I first saw this, I was blown away and happy. This information matches up with dozens of other studies on the benefits of insulin resistance and the benefits of eating low-carbs and going Keto. In one study, there was a 7 fold decrease when you read between the lines.

Please share this with any women in your life that you care about and take a look at the data yourself.  Post any comments below! And go 6th Gear!

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