Things To Buy For Keto

Supplies That Can Help With Keto And IF

So to really get started and have your best chance of long-term success, these are the items that I have found through personal use and from the hundreds, heck actually thousands of comments that have been made in my IF/Keto group as to what works the best. This will be updated on a regular basis. Most of these are links to Amazon because many are not easy to find.  But you can get them anywhere you want really. If they are sold on Amazon, I get like a nickel or something when someone buys something for full disclosure. Trying to get back some of the money I spend every month hosting the site.  Unlike most of the Gurus out there, I do not have my own brand of snake oil to sell you! 🙂

So this is a great way to test if you are actually in fat burning mode and if you are insulin resistance. They have a lifetime guarantee. 

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