The Science Behind Fat And Lazy Or Vice Versa

Chronic inflammation removes motivation by reducing dopamine in the brain — Why do we feel listless when we are recovering from an illness? The answer is, apparently, that low-grade chronic inflammation interferes with the dopaminergic signaling system in the brain that motivates us to do things.

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As we find out more and more about the science between the relationship between brain health and inflammation, not to mention overall health, the science shows the why behind some of the historic observations.  When Shakespeare said give me Fat Men ( basically) in reference to them not being ambitious and dangerous, as well as  “Fat and Lazy”  here is another reason why both of those are accurate from a scientific perspective.

The bottom line as many people know from personal experience, if you want to do more and become a better you, lose the Fat and the inflammation!

What do you think?  Please post your comments below.  This also further adds another piece to the puzzle of getting into 6th Gear.


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