Why I Drink Distilled Water And Add Trace Minerals

I gave up drinking tap water years ago.  Here is why…

When I was farming full-time we did water tests every week for different things to help the plants grow. Even something out of balance a few parts per million could dramatically impact the yield and health of the plants.

From PH to trace minerals and even the charge of the water had so the nutrients could be absorbed more easily.

Because of this, I became aware of just how truly contaminated many water sources are all across the US and world pretty much. This that is why I no longer drink any city tap water.

Tap water can have Fluoride, Heavy Metals like Mercury and Lead, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Viagra, Heart Medicine, Women’s Birth Control, and every drug that is flushed down the toilette. These are not filtered out by normal water treatment.  In many places, there is so much of this pollution in the water that it changes the sex of fish in the rivers which is the water source for many cities.

And do you remember the Flint, Michigan Lead Poisoning of 10’s of thousands of Children?  This is still going on daily!

I could go on and on but I won’t.  Just Google it and check the link below to see how much contamination is in your water supply.

So I use distilled water and add trace minerals.  Boom and done. No slow poisoning. The distiller and trace minerals I use are below. I started using this a few years ago, thanks to Chris Winters, the guy that got me started on Intermittent Fasting. 

I use Distilled water and then just add the trace minerals to it. Easy Peazy!  

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