Ivor Cummins and Dr. John Madany

Why You Want To Do Low-Carb And What The Heck Is Hyperinsulinemia?

Podcast Bites Ep30 1 of 5 – Dr John Madany – Insights to Help the People! — The Fat Emperor — Latest Podcast broken into “bites” for those on the run! Ep30 Segment 1 of 5 here – this episode #29 features John Madany MD – A Montana family practice doctor with super insights for resolving modern chronic disease! In this episode we focus on the scourge of hyperinsulinemia, and the … thefatemperor.com

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Another good interview from Ivor Cummins. Chock full of good information. Share this with your Health Care professional and anyone that you love that you want to stick around and be healthy.


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