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IF and Keto Podcast #1 Secrets For Women And The Guys The Love Them

Intermittent Fasting and Keto Podcast #1  Secrets For Women and The Guys The Love Them

Hey there, Andrew Anderson here. So glad you’re here. (the reason why it is so fuzzy is not technical as I thought, we had a dirty lens LOL) This is podcast number one. This is day number 1,238. For me and intermittent fasting and keto, I know that I threatened to do this at least seven or eight times before including I think on day one to my original group. And I’m finally doing it now. It’s the time and no more Dorking around. So thank you for being here. And what’s going to be in the podcast? We are going to give you practical, simple information that you can use to improve your Low- Carbohydrate journey. Okay, that’s it in a nutshell.

Now I have to do intermittent fasting and keto. And as a combo, because of some great, great benefits there. And as you know, if you’re on the Facebook site, there are no keto police. As long as you’re not an idiot, we will, you know, help you out. And, you know, there’s a million ways to do this.

And if you just get off the normal way of eating, you’re going to be so much healthier, it’s not even funny. And if you look at the published studies that I are on IntermittentFastingAndKeto.com, women that did nothing else other than interment fasting for 13 hours a day reduce their breast cancer risk by 36%. So that means if you stop eating at seven at night and don’t eat again until eight o’clock in the morning, 36% reduction in breast cancer based on the study, and that’s in there, you don’t take my word for it, you can check that out yourself. And there’s obviously benefits to us guys, too.

(Take a look at this link to Sugar And Cancer)

So I’m going to do a little bit of introduction about how I got here. If you been in the Facebook group, that’s fine, but we’re expanding out and I’m going to pull most of the information back into the website, which is intermittent fasting, Quito calm and also eat fat and get skinny calm, which is where we’re, I’ve got my I’ve had my book sitting there for a year and a half haven’t really done anything with it. But that’s going to change too. So you can find out information there. But I also want to give you a practical tip first, right off the gate here. And then we can go into some other information. So does this stuff work? Well, I lost 36 pounds of fat. And I’m not into beefcake shots, but I will do a gunshot that is this right here. That is 20 minutes worth of working out a week. Okay, that’s it. And you’ll never see the rest of me in here unless you’re paying me or less than my girlfriend. And that’s, that’s vacant at the moment. So I don’t have to show anybody else.

And the great thing about it is it’s so flippin easy. It’s not even funny, and it really changed my my life. If you go back into it, I watched the quick little video that Chris winters did way back when and it really just changed the whole trajectory of where I ended up. As I said, I lost 36 pounds of fat. So it changed my life and a little frickin Santa Claus anymore. And that’s a good thing. So a little bit of backstory about what’s going on. Well, let me give you a practical tip. One of the things I’ve noticed in the past three years since I’ve done this is I used to make my own bone broth and everything else. But now Now, if you go to Walmart, you can get real organic bone broth. You don’t want to get regular bothy, wanna get real organic bone broth for $2.44.

This is in Nashville, for a quarter of it and you need you should drink about a cup a day, it will make such a difference in your regime, drink it during your eating period, not during your fasting period, but during a period. And especially for your ladies, it will help heal your gut. And when you heal your gut, you can actually bring in your more nutrients so you can actually absorb them and because if your guts leaky, there’s all kinds of issues to it. So I’m going to go into a brief brief background before the whole Chris winters video. So what had happened Previous to that I had started a organic grain food business. Okay, we had a mill, we had 20 some odd farmers that were bringing the stuff in the mill, organic spelt primarily. And so we were selling bread, granola, granola, cereal, flowers, and a whole host of other foods that were all around organic grains, then, then then then I was walking through the bookstore one day and I’m an avid reader. I saw this thing called wheat belly. I’m like, What the heck is that? So I picked it up I went through Rebecca was by Dr. William Davis. I’m like crap, I gotta get this. So I bought the book, went home and read through pretty much the whole thing that night. And I kept on saying crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. If you read it, you know what I’m talking about. So I said, Okay, I saw the information here. I went online, I started doing more research on myself. And I’m like, Man, this guy’s probably spot on. So I always had problems with

it, bread, white bread, everything else myself. And I noticed when I ate organic spelt that they weren’t nearly as bad. It was a big improvement. So I’m like, Okay, I’m going to go grain free for two weeks and give this thing a shot. It was like a week and a half, two weeks, about my day three, I felt so much flipping better.

It wasn’t even funny. And so unfortunate, unfortunately, I ended up having to shut down. I made the decision because I couldn’t sleep at night. It’s like I can’t be selling this poison to people and sleep well at night. So I shut that business down cold turkey. And it would be doing probably eight figures by now at least, because we’re getting ready to tear it up.

So I learned that basically all grains are bad for you. Cool, I quit with the friggin stupid ass wheat grass. Never touch that stuff again, because it actually causes holes in your gut and causes you RNA damage. Okay, RNA damage. And that’s why about several thousand years ago, when we started eating grains, the human male, we were about six feet tall, we dropped, we shrunk six inches, we went down to five foot six, because of the damage that grains do to you. And so I was kind of primed for that. And then right after that, in the book talks about sugar and stuff, too. So I weaned myself off sugar.

I was a sugar Holic, I was in between two to five to six pounds a week in my coffee. And hopefully I’m so glad I when I stopped that too. That was like a night and day difference. And then when I started doing keto was, it was kind of a I was already halfway there because I wasn’t doing sugar and grains. And so I had a really easy time. And that’s why the first day that I did intermittent fasting in Quito, I got into six gear, it was like it’s on friggin I drink 10 cups of coffee without the jitters. And my mind just wouldn’t turn off and I couldn’t sleep. And it was it was great if you’ve been there before you know what I’m talking about.

So it’s been a great journey since then. And what we’re doing and what I’m doing in the podcast is I’m going to share all this stuff with you, if you haven’t gone to him and fasting and keto, go to now sign up for the newsletter because I don’t trust at the social media before. Just so you know, I own a digital media agency. We build websites, we do funnels for people, we do advertising, we do set up marketing plans, you know, we help with credit card processing, and we the whole nine yards, we get some really cool stuff. And so the demands of that were what really was the impetus for me doing this stuff. But as I see with our clients and whatnot on the social media stuff, the shadow banning is real, the banding is real. So you could end up losing your own your own setup on there, or your own profile on any social media just like that for no apparent reasons at all. So I suggest you sign up for the newsletter. And I’m not being paranoid here, mark my words, just go look at what’s going on with shadow banning and some of the other things.

And plus, I’m not convinced that on any social media sites, and they’re not going to shut down the intermittent fasting and keto group, either in any given moment, they’ve already done it to some, again, Google it, I’m not gonna get myself in trouble with any social media that this video podcast is going to show up on. But they’re doing it, it’s real, okay. And what we’re going to do there is we’re going to set up an area so everybody has their own profile. And you could talk and share amongst each other. And there’s going to be it’s going to be organized instead of this one big, you know, loop where everything goes by and like 1010 comments later if something disappears, and you’ll be able to find the information.

And if you’re just first starting out, go to IntermitentFastingAndKeto.com and get the Quick Start Guide. And it is really good and can help you out.

So I’m going to wrap this up, I want to thank you for being here. And go to the website, interment fasting keto, and get set up for it, we’re bringing you a ton of information.

You are going to see some posts in there from the sharpest minds in the low-carbohydrate industry and the scientists and the researchers that are out there doing it. And not initially just this guys are seeing on YouTube, there’s gonna be Ivor Cummings, Dr. Jeffrey Gerber, and a whole ton more. And so it has the latest and greatest information out there. And if you have the list of the books in the store, the ones that I read that are in there and go look at that we add more and more every day and I bet everything too. So the you can do this.

It’s super simple. You can get into six gear, remember, do your own damn research, don’t believe anybody and take responsibility for yourself, you’re going to go a long way towards it.

And the other thing is don’t make this too complicated. Okay, start out easy. Don’t get crazy with it. Keep it simple and you’re gonna be successful like I am 20 minutes a day on these guns. I mean, you can do this guys. And ladies, do you want your husband or your girlfriend to look like a girlfriend, I guess you could have your girlfriend, that’s your your key look like that. Trust me, and your libido goes up and the whole nine yards and you feel so much better. And you’re a much more pleasant person to be around.

Okay. And then you know, won’t be a couch potato. So there you have it, folks will talk to you later. And we’ll see if I mentioned this because it’s like take two or three but ladies, make sure you look at the thing on the link of, of fasting, intermittent fasting and breast cancer. If you just go 13 hours on intermittent fasting, the breast cancer reduction rate was 36%. That’s in the one the latest studies that came out. It’s fantastic. And guys, there’s benefits for you too. So there you have it. Go 6th gear. Andew signing off, and we’ll see you on the website, IntermittentFastingAndKeto.com. Later bye bye and we’re done.

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