More Proof Why Intermittent Fasting And Not Caloric Restrictions Work!

Effects of eight weeks of time-restricted feeding (16/8) on basal metabolism, maximal strength, body composition, inflammation, and cardiovascular risk factors in resistance-trained males — Intermittent fasting (IF) is an increasingly popular dietary approach used for weight loss and overall health. While there is an increasing body of evidence demonstrating beneficial effects of IF on blood lipids and other health outcomes in the overweight …

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If I never hear ” You must restrict your calories to lose weight” ever again it will be too soon.  🙂

The bottom line is that Intermittent Fasting Is NOT Caloric Restriction, but rather eating all of your calories during a set time period each day. This gives your body a chance to heal itself and not digesting food all of the time. And it also boosts hormonal signals that is OK to burn internal fat.

And to remind you yet again, when you restrict calories, you turn off your bodies ability to effectively burn fat. It will do everything it can to hold on to that fat, including slowing down your base metabolism.

Which is why nearly all of the Biggest Losers gained back all of the weight plus more.

Click Here to read why cutting carbs and not calories turns up your body’s ability to burn even more of your internal fat.

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